White Center - is a strong, diverse and growing community to the south of Seattle. Homes in White Center offer a great location with its proximity to downtown and SeaTac, and the homes are often surprisingly affordable. White Center is an area where real estate is constantly growing and changing with the neighborhood.


Arbor HeightsIs a neighborhood made up of the area south of SW Roxbury Street, east of Puget Sound, and South of the Seattle city limits (excluding the downhill portion on the west side of this region). [1] It is the southernmost section of West Seattle. The neighborhood contains one elementary school (Arbor Heights Elementary School), and no secondary schools. It has a private club pool, Arbor Heights Swim and Tennis Club. The neighborhood is almost exclusively zoned as residential property, with the nearest commercially zoned areas being north in the Roxhill neighborhood, and a small zone down the hill to the west in the Fauntleroy neighborhood. Homes in Arbor Heights are great places to live!


Boulevard Park – With borders from hwy 599 to Arbor Heights & 128th to 110TH  this community is very up and coming, with its easy commute to Seattle and SeaTac Airport, two private golf courses and its abundance of parks just one drive through and you can see why this neighborhood is so desirable.


Westwood- Homes in Westwood, West Seattle offer great value for homebuyers. A great place to live as a first time homebuyer, you will get a lot of house for less money in Westwood. The neighborhood is friendly and only minutes from downtown, making this an ideal place to live for someone commuting into the city. Buying a home in Westwood is a smart investment into the future of the neighborhood. Westwood is rapidly growing, with a Barnes and Noble, Bed, Bath and Beyond and many other stores moving to Westwood Village the past 5 years. Move into a home in Westwood now and watch the neighborhood grow and transform.


South Seattle